Monday, December 6, 2010

Blue Monday

We're back on the road on the PA turnpike seeing the countryside covered in snow. The road is clear thankfully. We'll be sleeping in our own bed tonight and it'll be back to work tomorrow.

Yesterday evening seemed to be very frustrating for me with a work related issue and lousy performance by my beloved Colts. It's funny how such things we have no control over and really don't affect us personally have such a stronghold on our moods. Like taking an aspirin for a headache to dull the pain, chocolate sounded like it would do the trick. Good thing someone got to the dish before me and it was empty. We ate at an Italian restaurant last night and the portions were huge. So much that the amount I took home was overflowing in the takeout container I asked for In my frame of mind, I'm surprised I didn't eat the whole thing The scale this morning remained at 175 , so I know I at least maintained this trip..

My mood has switched from work and football to missing the kids and grandkids, wishing I still had kids at home to decorate with and play in the snow. Gary asked what was wrong and I said .. just life and he said I'm sorry I didn't know your life was so bad. It's not ... I'm so blessed with so much. So much to really feel guilty when I feel this way. I definitely need to put things in perspective.

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NAN said...

Sorry you're feeling blue- I have always disliked January and February because they are such dreary months but now that I live in Florida, they are much more bearable. Of course, my 2 kids who live so far away were both born in January! Just remember, it won't be long before you see them again and you have your 2 grandkids here to cuddle with. good news about your weight maintenance!