Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moment of Truth

I weighed in with my TOPS group last night. I hadn't been on the "official" scale since November 15. I felt that I held things together quite well the first couple of weeks after the "15th" and this was during a traveling period, so I felt very successful. But then the holiday season was in full swing and once we had our big high school reunion committee Christmas bash at our house it was downhill from there. Too many goodies around the house, at work, in stores, at restaurants, etc. I knew what I was doing but I did it anyway with the pretense that I had time to lose a little before I got back to TOPS. I found out how important facing the scale on a regular basis can be. It was a 4 1/2# gain but I'm glad to have that behind me and back to walking the straight and narrow. BUT, there is no weigh in next Monday because of the holiday so another two week gap. That will NOT matter this time. I will be weighing a couple of times a week on my home scale. I will not avoid it like I did. It will help me stay focused. The New Year is fast approaching and it will be a good one. One where goals will be reached and pleasant surprises abounding.

I need to form habits again. Bringing my lunch to work a majority of the time but when giving myself a break from that to have a pre-planned plan. Learn to tell myself no and then give myself a reason for why I made that decision. To try new things, even if I find myself falling flat on my face ... just knowing that I tried is something to be proud of. Reveal in what works and being willing to change what doesn't.

I will enjoy what I'm eating but will wait until it's time to eat on a scheduled basis with no surprises. It's time to starting journaling, measuring and blogging on a regular basis. Okay I hope to be off and running again starting about two hours ago.


NAN said...

I have no doubt you will be losing weight again. Did your Tops friends have any advice for you or plenty of encouragement? I have eaten pretty well- lots of eggs and salads. One of my favorites is wilted spinach salad- I fry a little bacon (turkey usually), add a little vinegar and Splenda to the skillet and then a whole bag of spinach. I really like it! My son arrives tomorrow so I am making a big pot of vegetarian chili- lots of protein and carbs- but I will eat a little of it. I just have to plan ahead! Have a great Christmas!

Ann (-50 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Good catch, Sheilah.

We're not perfect, but we need to keep striving to do better, where our diets are concerned.

My resolve has been tested this week too. The scale is what keeps me in line during this week of parties and dinners.

I use whatever helps me. I just don't want to go into the new year kicking myself for un-doing all my previous hard work. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Keep up the weighing (at home) and you should do better! Merry Christmas!!