Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back to the Routine

It's back to work today and getting involved in something is good. Less time to ponder and think and make up these wild stories in your head. I have vowed to be more confident and also go with the attitude to do what I can do and move on. I know I can't have everything I want but I can also dream.

I didn't get on the scales this morning. That'll come tomorrow after I drink a ton of water today. I don't drink that much when we're traveling and I need to be primed to get the water flowing out of me.

I plan to do a little shopping on my lunch hour and also get a list together of some small things I would like. I had the disappointment of not hearing from my "Christmas Swap" person, so I guess she changed her mind. I had a small list started for her that I'll just expand on for family. Maybe it was divine intervention because of feeling I'm too committed right now and also feel that I'm behind in what needs to be done.

I have never worked with to do lists before but I need some structure in my life to lessen the overwhelmed feelings. It'll get done ... it always does and this time that includes taking off the weight. All the tasks in my life are one step at a time.

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NAN said...

Oh golly, I'm a to do list person and I like it written on paper so I can cross things off. I was a stay at home mom most of my life so I enjoy being really organized. There was a time when someone could ask me where something was and I could go right to it- not so anymore LOL! I weighed today and am 3 pounds down since Thanksgiving YAY! I've noticed a few more wrinkles on my face too but maybe they were there and I'm more critical now...I'm getting closer to your weight, Mensa! Of course, you'll be in the 160s soon.