Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Storm

After I wrote my post from the car yesterday, we started to see snow on the ground as we approached West Virginia. Once we got up in the mountains it was starting to get hairy. It was down to one lane on the interstate and the visability was well ... challenging. Once we got to a lower elevation there wasn't even any evidence of snow. We arrived safely and it was great to see the kids. Kim has lost three pant sizes and Erick continues to be very disciplined about his marathon training. He's sure to do well next month.

I still feel like I'm a newbie with the diet regimine. I'm still fighting the good fight but I lost some of my resolve by slipping or should I say "just getting by" for a couple of weeks. I found it difficult to forego bread yesterday ... the same as in the beginning. I did eventually get a handle on it before but it took several weeks into the program and I'm hoping after one or two failed attempts I'll finally GET it and be able to pass it by without a second thought unless I have planned for it. No, I take that back ... that's a copout. I'm done with the excuses. Bread will not be a stronghold over me. I'm in charge. Just like sweets do not bother me. Again, I'm in charge of when and where andy WHY I will consume such things.

Okay, I feel pretty strong and confident right now. I am in charge, I will make good choices. If I decide to eat something that is higher in calories, I will make modifications and control my portions. I will not use ANYthing as an excuse not to get to where I am going. I've will come through the storm unscathed.


Bernice said...

Hope you have a great visit with your family in MD! I know you will do good there! Sounds like they are all doing well!

TinaM said...

Great attitude, your going to kick butt!
Have a great time visiting your family!

Michele said...

Love your resolve. Stays strong!