Friday, December 3, 2010

It'll Be a Cold Day . . .

I guess winter is here. I'll be covered up a little more with a coat and sweaters. The layered look will be in. That will not be any reason to hide those extra pounds because of the season. It'll just give me reason to keep on doing what I need to do to emerge like a butterfly once spring arrives. A new transformation both inside and outside.

Enjoying my time with the kids and grandkids and also able to sleep in and relax a little. This is the traveling I like. I did have a lot a food placed in front of me yesterday. We had lunch at a new restaurant for us here. It was a place that has brick oven pizzas, but I choose to have sandwich. I asked about splitting a sandwich but was told they weren't that big. 1/2 sandwich would have been plenty. Gary and I ended up getting different sandwiches and taking each other's leftover half. Have you ever noticed when a sandwich is cut in half there is usually one side that is smaller. So, I had two smaller halves. We also celebrated my son, Erick's, birthday at his M-I-L's. A chicken parm and pasta meal. I cut the smallest chicken breast in half (maybe half-sees is my new approach) and a small portion of pasta and loaded HALF the plate with salad. It was enough and I just ate slowly. Then out came the dessert. Truffles, cookies and TWO frozen delecacies from Stone Cold Creamery. I was fine with diving into the conversation and listening intently ... I didn't miss the sugar rush that the grandkids seem to have on the way home. All in all, it was a good day.

I mentioned I had a lot of food placed in front of me ... I usually don't like to post pictures of food because I'm afraid it will be tempting to other but this is what my granddaughter Katherine fixed for me.


Ann (-34 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

That was a cute food photo! And all calorie-free!

You did a GREAT job with the parm dinner. And with the new restaurant food too. Yesterday, we went to a wood-fired pizza place for dinner. I had the vegetable wrap sandwich. I ate half, and took the other half home (which will be my lunch today). Great minds think alike!

Keep up the good work - you are definitely on a fantastic and motivating track!!


Gertie said...

Yay for cutting the sandwich in half! Pizza is one of my big downfalls.. and I would have had a hard time saying no to wood-fired! I love what your granddaughter made for you! That's too cute. :)