Friday, December 10, 2010


Yesterday was a good day. I felt more in control and the day was full of fun and enjoyment. We had our department lunch at a restaurant in downtown Indy. People were ordering pizza and pasta but I had soup and salad mainly because of my debacle with food the day before and I was fine with my choice. I love this particular restaurant's portebello mushroom soup. I ate slowly (which is another good habit I had gotten out of the habit doing) so I wouldn't be just sitting there when I was finished watching everyone else eat. We exchanged gifts and it was fun to watch the excitement on everyone's face as they opened their gifts, just like they were kids again. I received a very nice Christmas platter. Perfect timing with our party coming up on Saturday.

Last night was Jacob's Christmas program and I'm so glad that we are able to share in our kids and grandkids activities. They all have special meaning to me. The church was crowded but fortunately Stephanie got their early and we had seats.

Since Gary wanted to watch the Colts game and forgot to set the DVR, we headed home instead of our plan to stop for dinner after the program. We put together some tuna salad and mac n cheese and settled in for the game. I know that's not the best menu but I watched my portions and I felt okay partaking in this meal. However, as the evening wore on and I had already had my sugar free fudgie, I wanted more. More ice cream, cookies and popcorn were calling my name but I held my ground and got through the rest of the evening.

I still haven't been on the scale but this morning the slacks I wore were loose, so I hope that's a good sign. Maybe I can conjure up the courage to weigh in the morning.


Gertie said...

good job not snacking more last night. Snacking in one of my biggest hurdles.. so I know how hard it is to not eat more. The soup sounds yummy!

Ann (-36 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Don't we all love days like that? Wonderful!

The portebello mushroom soup sounds GOOD ... now I need to hunt for a place that serves it. hehehe

Eating slowly is still something I need to master. Thanks for that reminder! I'm better than I was, but have VAST room for improvement there.

Loose pants are a GOOD thing (I know firsthand) ... you sound very much in control, even fighting off the munchies. That is fantastic! Great job!!

How did the program go? Does the family have a star-in-the-making?