Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I didn't post over the weekend and that's really not all that unusual, even though my goal is to post daily.  It was just a busy, busy weekend but the honest truth is that I was definitely struggling and was in denial.  I wasn't ready to see it in writing ... you know, my vulnerability and mistakes.

Our Christmas party was a success and everyone had fun.  Some of the games didn't go as well as I hoped but no one seemed to care.  There was lots of laughs and food and adult beverages.  I wasn't as successful as I had hoped but I didn't totally fold my hand either.

Sunday I was tired and nursed a headache and didn't feel like getting out and doing the shopping I needed to do.  It was leftover turkey sandwiches for lunch while we watched football.  Way to go COLTS!.

Last night at TOPS I weighed in with a loss of 1 1/2#.  I totally did not think that would happen.  I was holding my breath that I would stay the stay as the week before.  I can't quite get my head around eating a higher calorie range (I never lowered my calories from 1600 like I said I would) and then be WAY over on the weekend with not the wisest choices.  You play with fire and you're going get burned ... so, I've put a stop to the mindless eating and am back on track.  I know I will have to be extra careful this week as the body chemistry does it calibration. 

Christmas Party #2 of three is now in the books.  Those are just parties I'm responsible for ... there are two others.  One is tomorrow for my department at work and the other is a family party that my niece is hosting a week from Saturday.  I'll get through all of them without major damage but I'm going to enjoy the season regardless.

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