Friday, December 7, 2012


I truly hate weighing in purposely twice a week.  I like challenges but maybe it wasn't the wisest thing for me to do in entering this holiday challenge.  I have a couple more weigh-ins and it'll be history and I need to remember in the future how I'm feeling now in considering any challenge again.  It's hard enough facing the scales once a week but I'm finding the scale always seem to fluctuate UP on Thursdays.  That was the case yesterday when I was up a little over a pound and had to report a gain.  It's not enough that I feel bad but I'm on a team and I'm dragging them down.

It's funny after weighing in I had the senseation all day that I was thinner.  Could be because I was wearing the suit that is the loosest on me but it was really more than that ... oh yes, my rings were looser too and that's always a good sign but my attitude was good and confident.  I need more of that.

Not much happened yesterday I was mainly in a Christmas card mode.  Both at work and at home.  I had to run to the post office at noon for stamps and decided to stop and get a roast turkey sandwich and salad.  Gary's still under the weather so it was toasted ravioli and a salad for dinner.  Sadly, I couldn't stay away from the bread and had two breadsticks.  Maybe, I'm feeling too confident?

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