Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Back in June of 2010 I started blogging. My daughter had been a good example and I followed her lead. She lost around 50# and I lost over 30. Then the holidays rolled around. We were doing quite a bit of traveling then too ... but the big difference was that around the holidays, I didn't have official weigh-ins for about six weeks. Starting in November around my birthday, I started playing the denial game and blogged off and on. When I finally did make my TOPS meeting the week before Christmas, I showed a 4 1/2# gain from sometime in November. It was all up the scale from there. The blog posts got fewer and fewer ... half as many in December, January and February, just one in March, four in April and then I was gone. When I started blogging again in August of this year. I started out with the same results. A great loss for the month. As I write this post, I have 15+ pounds off in four months about half of what I lost back in 2010 in about 5-6 months. I thought I had done so much better back then. But doing averages, I'm really not that much off the mark. Why do things seem to be much harder this time? I guess I shouldn't look back or compare things to the past. I need to keep reminding myself, it is different now. I'm traveling and not gaining. I committed to my blog. I'm getting through the holidays and parties. I have a network of friends out there cheering me on and even though it seems to be slow going, I will eventually see my goal.

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