Tuesday, December 4, 2012


As you saw from my post yesterday I didn't have time to write but wanted to stick to my commitment to myself to post daily if I could and had access.  There really wasn't much to post about Sunday anyway.  We went to Mass and then I dropped Gary off at the winery and continued my Christmas shopping.  We headed home around 5:00 (a 3-hour trip).  We stopped for dinner at a steakhouse that I had heard raves about.  It was even recommended by my brother when he was alive.  It was called "The Beef House".  The parking lot was packed at 7:30 which definitely was a good sign.  Well, not everyone's opinions are alike.  It had a really nice salad bar, better than most but I can't say the same for the featured item that the restaurant is named after.  I was expecting this thick slab of ribeye, melting like butter in my mouth.  Not even close.  Oh well, I can now say been there, did that!

Yesterday, as I mentioned was busy.  My "important date" was #1 of three Christmas parties.  Yeah, here I go again.  I was responsible for the activities at the party since it was for my TOPS group and I'm the leader.  I had asked for volunteers for the games but had no one step forward so you know what happens then.  I had ideas running through my head all weekend.  Yes, I hear voices in my head :)  I only had a few hours to get them sorted out and down on paper for the party, so I used every spare moment I had.  At least I might be able to use these for party #2 on Saturday.

It was then off to weigh-in.  I had upped my calories this week by 400.  I thought that 1200 was barely sustainable and I had lost over a pound last week with more calories Thanksgiving week.  I bought into all I heard about not eating enough and my metabolism shutting down.  Okay, my weight status.  I did lose ... 1/4# and I'm not going to turn my nose up at that.  It's a loss and during this time of year, I'm certainly okay but the daily calorie projection is going back down some.

I was somewhat miffed at myself last night.  I was holding it all together at dinner.  Not having the best selection (another buffet) but keeping my portions small and NO DESSERT.  As I looked at other people's plate ... I know shame on me for judging .... I was surprised.  We were a weight loss group.  Plates piled high and multiple desserts, huh???  I was okay until I got home and must have been feeling some deprivation because I ate the last two pieces of Gary's pizza that he had delivered for his dinner. 

Sometimes you've got it ... sometimes it's got you.  But, I'm okay.  I'm carrying on!

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Bernice said...

Well good for you!! I think if we can get through the holidays without a gain that's gotta be better the any other year!!?? Especially you since you have so many party's! :))