Thursday, December 13, 2012


Not much to post today about yesterday ... time is just moving along too quickly.  I woke up and didn't feel that great ... must have been the sleep issue.

We had our department Christmas lunch at work.  We went to a new restaurant in downtown Indy which was quite different.  The menu wasn't very extensive and I wondered if I'd be able to find something since I'm such a finicky eater.  It wasn't really an Asian restaurant but the meal was served in Bento Boxes which was intriguing.  You ordered one entree and three sides.  The entree was warm but all the sides were served cold and so odd that we had to ask the waiter to describe the contents.  I found only three things that I THOUGHT I would like.  I had the pork tenderloin for my entree which was delicious.  The greens-type salad and the green bean/almonds type dish weren't that bad but I didn't like the orange thingy.  All in all I enjoyed it and the portion sizes fit right in with what I'm trying to accomplish.  I would never say that I, myself, wanted to go back to this restaurant but if someone said they were going and ask me to go along, I would.

After lunch we exchanged gifts.  We did the normal thing of trying to guess who our Secret Santa was and I guess it was obvious to everyone who I had.  I normally am so busy this time of year with office stuff that I just wrap a gift and leave it ... but this year, I wanted to get more into the spirit.  I put little poems on my two Secret Santa gifts left earlier in the week and I guess my creativity gave me away.  I got a nice red scarf and stocking hat from my Secret Santa.

We got the rest of the afternoon off and I did a little Christmas shopping and then home to catch up on TV shows that I feel asleep during the night before when I couldn't keep my eyes open.  We watched Rizzoli and Isles and in the last scene, they were eating pizza.  Talk about the power of suggestion.  So we went to Jockomo's for dinner where I got my spinach salad and Gary got pizza.  I got sucked in by the breadsticks this time and ate way too many plus a slice of pizza.  I've got to keep my guard up because this month isn't going to get any easier.

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Bernice said...

I think we need to remind ourselves there will be other days we can eat that stuff later!! It is very hard sometimes. We give ourself excuses to indulge. You are doing great!