Sunday, December 2, 2012


A trip to Erick's was the last scheduled trip on the calendar, but who keeps a schedule.  Maybe I should, but things happen.  When we were in Springfield, IL in October for a Knot Convention that Gary was involved in, we stopped at a winery on the way home.  While we were there, the owners mentioned they have a Christmas Market during the weekends in Advent and after seeing the rings that Gary makes invited him to come over and set up space at this bazaar.  I knew that I had a lot to do the first weekend because of our party next weekend and thought maybe the third week might be a possibility.  However, when I found I had Thursday and Friday off and got my decorating done turn things around.  So there we were in Bloomington, Illinois.  Gary sold a ring within 45 minutes and had a ball talking to people all day.  I wish I was that extroverted but you know what they say about opposities attracting.

I used Hotwire again for our hotel accomodations but when I went to check in, they didn't have our reservation.  I didn't panic ... I just called Hotwire and got things worked out and ended up getting a lower rate.  I did a little shopping and headed back to the winery.

We had dinner at Outback and I ordered chicken and a baked potato, being very conscious of what I was eating ... especially the empty bread plate in front of me.  I think I'm getting the hang of eating while traveling.  I just hope those aren't "FAMOUS LAST WORDS"

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NAN said...

On the road again....hope you are having fun!