Friday, December 14, 2012


Yesterday didn't start out too well ... When I left for work, I tried backing out of the garage with the door still down.  I was easing out and I realized pretty quick what I was doing ... or wasn't doing, as the case may be and thereby ended up only leaving a small dent in the door.  I know I'm not a morning person, but I'm usually a bit more awake than I appeared to be yesterday.  Maybe my mind was just somewhere else.

Yesterday was my first born's birthday.  I really miss living so far away on occasions like this.  While he does have the pressures of supporting a wife and three kids, he still appears to be in his 20's to me ... maybe that's because I'm still stuck in my 40's, so he can't be there himself. 

I was really off yesterday when it came to eating right.  I keep telling myself to get back to the basics but I'm just not handling temptation well.

We went to Gracie's and Jacob's Christmas program in the evening and it was a very nice program and the kids seem to enjoy the songs they sang.  It was very crowded and we knew to get there early.  Afterward we stopped to get a bite to eat and I honestly took the approach that I had ruined the day already ... might as well get a sandwich and fries.  I got away from that kind of thinking over the past four months ... why is it returning?

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Bernice said...

Somedays are better then others. You've pulled yourself out many times before. You WILL do it again your committed. I gave up a lot if stuff last week and it has paid off big time. I had to sit with my husband and family eat what looked like really good stuff and I didn't cave!! You will have more good days! Don't worry. Your average is good many more good days then bad. That is our goal!