Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I tried to convince myself it would be a better week but I'm still having problems. Yesterday it was the vending machine. I happened to see a new item in it. Lancer's Peanut Bar. Basically, it's just peanut brittle. A lot of sugar. I walked away but went back in the afternoon. A couple of hours later because of being on a sugar high, I noticed cookies in the kitchen ... no resistance. I feeding something and it's not my determination or will power.

Today, I attended a retiree's lunch with Gary and again, it was eat at will.

When am I going to get it?

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Tessa said...

Mensa, you could be me or we could be twins. I haven't found my will power angel yet either. All I can say is start the next meal like it never happened and keep on keeping on.