Thursday, September 1, 2011


Pretty much the same as the day before but I said I needed to blog, so I am doing that if only in some repetitiveness. As every student knows, you need to go over things a few times to learn and this journey I'm on is a learning experience.

It was a normal day at work ... slow, which could get me in trouble with a visit to the vending machine in the afternoon. I had brought a banana, but I wanted something more ... something crunchy, so I got a bag of pretzels. I guess I need to have a stash in my drawer of snacks that I can work into my plan. I didn't think pretzels were a such a bad choice. I had a salad at lunch and walked on my lunch hour and then again when I had to run an errand.

My legs were a little sore. I'm sure it was from the 2.4 miles I had done the night before. It is more of a workout running/walking outside. While there aren't major hills, it's not all one elevation. Usually I feel stiffness when I get up and down the next day but once I get going and moving no different, but yesterday WAS different, I was noticeably sore and I can understand where you need a day to recover.

Gary fixed a new recipe last night for dinner. Crusted Parmesan Chicken and it was wonderful. I definitely wanted to go back for seconds but I didn't because I know the calorie count was higher than just grilled chicken since it was made with breadcrumbs and mayo but sensible eating is the way to go. That is enjoying what everyone else is having in smaller portions. I'm getting there.

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