Friday, September 9, 2011


Yesterday was another so-so day. I'm really having trouble right now with my eating habits. I don't know if it's the change in weather ... it's really turning cool. I enjoy that but sometimes any change interferes with routine and psyche. I had to get lunch again for my boss and it was just going to be 1/2 sandwich and soup for me which fits okay into my plan ... BUT there were those two chocolate chip cookies that come with it. Most times I just bring them to the office, dump them in the breakroom or pin them on the "Happy Place" board and am done with it. Yesterday was a different story. I ate my lunch @ Paradise and was face to face with the cookies while I delayed going back to the office and then they were gone. I know it was just to make myself perk up a little. No will power today.

Last night it was planned that Gary and I get back to the gym but when I got home, Gary wasn't feeling well. I knew there was no reason I couldn't go by myself but I was tired and what harm could putting it off for another day cause? I sat through the news with the struggle of yes, go ... no, stay home this time running through my mind. Well, as you take one step at a time, I went up and changed clothles and still struggling I told Gary I was headed to the gym and did he want to meet me at Eggroll. He said just to pick up something for dinner. I went and did a mile and felt so much better after. We had spaghetti for dinner (aren't you suppose to carb load before you run?) and probably overdid that too but at least I put in some exercise.

One of these days everything is going to click and I'm going to string a few of those day together and be on my way.

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