Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have every intention of blogging on a daily basis but when it comes right down to it, I either have writer's block, my life sounds boring or too much is going on to devote 10 minutes to the blog. Those are all excuses but you do what you do and sometimes that has to be enough.

The weekends seems to be the biggest obstacles ... in a lot of things. Usually it's too much going on and my focus goes out the window or I think since I'm home, I can just sit around and relax. Nothing seems to get done and then the guilt sets in but then I think it's too late to start on any kind of a project so I just sit and dwell on it. I'm going to try to make this week different. Maybe I have to write out a schedule or a "to do" list. Maybe that would bring the controlled chaos into some order.

When I'm out of sorts, my eating goes out the window or should I say in my mouth. I guess it's true what they say about using food to fill a void. When I'm busy, there are times when I completley forget to eat and have no hunger pangs or rumblin's in my tummy. But, when I'm being lazy I'm constantly hungry and on the hunt for something to stuff in my mouth. Probably just for something to do.

Okay, all of the above were just rambling thoughts I guess I needed to purge. It's a brand new week and it should be an easier one to stay on track. When I got up yesterday and got on the scale, I was still in the 90's and the scale hadn't moved from the week before but that didn't give me the green light to deviate from my plan. I had my regular breakfast of cereal and I brought a frozen dinner for lunch. It was also my intention to drink a large volume of water but that didn't happen as I had a pretty busy morning at work. I weighed in with a pound loss which put me back into the 80's. It was a shocker but something I'll try to build some motivation. That's three weeks in a row, yeah! I do remember last week curbing myself and telling myself I had enough when I could have easily had one more serving, one more slice, or some chocolate anything. Those little bits of judgment can make the difference between a loss and a gain when the losses are small.

As I mentioned this week should be easier with no free lunches with my boss on vacation. I'll be bringing in my limited calorie frozen dinners in each day for lunch and stick to my salad plate servings at night with less eating out on the agenda this week.

I'm not completely where I was this time last year, but if I get a few more weeks under my belt, I may just be on my way again.

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