Thursday, September 8, 2011


I wasn't in the mood for much of anything yesterday. I forgot to bring my lunch so I headed to Subway at lunch ... the weather was noticeably cool as I walked and I decided chili sounded better so I retraced my steps and headed in the opposite direction. I know I had too many crackers in my chili and I could have done without the cheese ... why don't I remember all those little things add up. At least I got a little walk in.

I intended to go to the gym after I got home but spent the evening on my butt plastered in front of the TV instead. I'm really dragging this morning and I think it's lack of REAL exercise. I'm headed back to the gym tonight.


Kim Summers said...

Although I have been working out religiously, I am afraid I am not going to get the time I want for the 5K. Bummed, but it's my own fault as I waited too long to train for running. I put it off because I just do not enjoy it. I guess this is my lesson learned...Don't sign up or don't put off of those :)

Keep it up, I am already so impressed that you have completed a 5K! You are my inspiration :)

Really looking forward to seeing you in 3 short weeks.

mensa said...

After getting the info from Disney about it just being a fun run with no times posted or awards given ... I'm with you, I'm just going to FINISH. I don't know what I've done to my knee but it's making me feel really old when I get up and am so stiff. I think it's just muscle strain as there is no pain other times.