Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well, I played out my fortune cookie message from last Thursday over the weekend. It was full of fun. There was time to play, time to work and time to relax and all but one activity went according to plan.

Friday night we went to a high school football game. The coach is one of our high school classmates and he took over the program last year. It was quite a challenge for him because prior to his arrival they had only won one football game in the last ten years. Last year we went to the one game they won last season and saw a lot of improvement. They won the game Friday by a large margin and I'm hoping they'll continue to improve their record. Their motto is certainly to "Never Give Up". Bill is quite the disciplinarian and he's going to be tough on them because he expects results from his efforts.

Saturday Gary and I did one of our Casino Crawls where we hit four casinos. It's great that we enjoy the same things but I wish we could play together to feed off each others excitement when we hit a bonus or jackpot but we just don't seem to bring each other luck. We took our pot and divided it by four to use at each casino to last us through the day and we ended up bringing some money home for the next crawl and also put some away in our vacation pot from the machines that we did hit on. It was a late night and I wonder how much validity there is about avoiding eating late at night because he hit White Castle about 11:oo p.m. on our way home. I don't know the truth about late night eating but I do know that I shouldn't have eaten what I did. Looking back always seems to be clearer, doesn't it.

Sunday we were pretty wiped out and all I did was update my high school blog which literally took hours. We had a lot of input this month and pictures and it all took time to organize and set up. I really need to work on the input as I get it, instead of putting it all together in one day or evening ... but that's me, the procrastinator. I seem to thrive off of the last minute push.

Labor Day was an enjoyable afternoon with Stephanie, Jim and the kids. It's these times that I miss the rest of the kids and grandkids and start a countdown of when everyone will be together. Gary grilled some traditional holiday fare and we played some games after lunch. The only thing I had on my schedule to do Monday and that I didn't do was go out for a run/walk. My knee is still tender and I used whatever other excuse just not to go out.

When I got up yesterday and weighed, I so hoped I would see the 80's but the scales are still stuck in the 90's. I did so well during the week but let down my guard over the FUN weekend. Again, looking back I saw my mistakes and how I could have whittled off at least one pound. I weighed in with 1/2 pound loss and that's okay, I'll work on it again this week and see those 80's.

I had originally planned on going to the 80's Zumba Party with Stephanie last night but again thought I better give me legs another day of rest so I could get three days at the gym in this week on the treadmill. Disney is only 3 weeks away and I don't want the chance of a injury and be unable to participate with the family. Before leaving for my weigh-in, I checked one of my email accounts that I don't use a lot. It's the one that I listed on Facebook. It is usually full of spam but I do get some TOPS emails there and I was trying to kill some time before I left. I happened to see an email from a high school classmate. She was giving me late notice that some classmates were getting together before one of them moved to California. The gal moving was one of my bridesmaids and I hadn't seen here since right after I got married. BUT, fear set in. I knew this was going to be a group of girls from a different grade school than I went to ... what if the majority of them were people I didn't know and they be so busy talking to Peggy, I wouldn't fit in ... and because I knew I couldn't be there at 6:00 because of weighing in first, what if there wasn't a seat left when I got there. What if I had nothing to contribute to the conversation if they were all talking about their pre-high school days. What If ... What If. Maybe I just shouldn't go ... make up an excuse that I didn't get the email in time or had other plans. So what? Maybe there'd be another time. I remembered a quote and decided to "Do It Afraid". Just go and make an appearance and it might not be so bad, in fact maybe it'd be fun like braving the anxiety and jumping in a lake with friends. Well, when I got there, there were five ladies in a booth for six. They all went to the same grade school but they all went to the high school with me. Peggy looked great and some of the conversation centered on me at times ... we were all catching up and it was fun. I'm so glad I didn't let my uneasiness or introverted personality stop me in having a great evening. I have to learn to have more confidence in myself and if I don't do something how will I ever do that I will succeed.

Boy this was a long post ... there goes to show the importance of posting daily.

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