Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It took my daughter to open my eyes and realize the important things. I thank her so much for being there for me because lately I've been feeling really alone. I tend to isolate myself, no matter how many others are around me, when I'm confused and lost in which way to turn. I sweat the small stuff way too much. It's good to focus in on something but you also can go overboard. Sometimes all you see is the goal and the importance of it. You lose something along the way in getting there because all you're doing is looking straight ahead. You need to experience some joy along the way. It doesn't have to be 100% serious business. I need to remember I'm not training just for the race but for the exercise, the way my body feels after how much running/walking I do. The fact that I'm doing something instead of the already way too much sitting I do.

I'm finding how important this blog is because it gives me an outlet to express the way I feel. I have the tendency to bottle things up. Once I get it out and see it in writing, then there's the chance that I might try to make some sense of it and the more I write, the more solutions I come up with. I think my only reader now is Stephanie and that's a good thing, because I can be more honest in what I write ... not holding back because I don't want to share something with the world where it may be taken out of context or someone creates an opinion of me. Whether I have readers or not, it's important to remember the blog is for me to better myself. But, the highlight of my day yesterday was Stephanie's response to my blog. It made my day better, it made me stay on track, it made me want to continue to strive for my goals. Nothing much else happened. I went to work, I had the lunch I brought, I ate dinner on my small salad plate. I went for a run/walk ... and that was enough. Tomorrow is always a new start.


Kim Summers said...

I read your blog every day too, Sheilah, & struggle with all the same things EVERY day. I think Stephanie makes a good point, I am always comparing myself to others & realize that I'll never be enough if I do that. Maybe I should write down some goals cause I have a lot of dreams.

Love you & looking forward to experiencing the Disney Halloween 5K with you!

mensa said...

I truly love my two biggest blog supporters.