Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have taken three different routes to work this week and none of them has worked. There is so much road construction in Indy, I think all the roads are being repaired or in some cases torn up. I have to keep myself from being frustrated because it tends to spill over from one thing in life to another.

Yesterday was another successful day but it wasn't easy. We had a salad bar lunch at work put on by the Wellness Committee, of which I am a member. In fact, the topic for this month has been designated "Weight Management" and it was my responsibility to put the word out on this topic. Since I was on vacation and not at the meeting last week, the committee took over and planned out the lunch and who was bringing what ... I said I would bring a lite pasta salad but then heard someone else was bringing that. I ended up getting some three bean salad from the store. There's a brand that has canned salad that is pretty good. When I went to the store, I saw it was on sale $5 for 5 cans, so I bought 10 thinking I'd need a lot to fill up the bowl for work. Well four cans filled the bowl just fine. However, only a couple of spoonfuls were eaten and I still have six cans at home. Guess some food pantry is going to be getting some bean salad.

Before lunch I decided to go out for a walk. I remembered the day before really enjoying the weather and thought it'd be about the same yesterday ... wrong, it was stifling but I walked anyway ... jacket and all. I must remember to bring some walking shoes to work because my feet weren't very comfortable walking in heels.

Gary had said he had a surprise for dinner and I was anxiously awaiting it. He is quite the cook now and enjoys trying new recipes. Since I just had a salad for lunch, I had saved some points/calories for dinner. It was a tomato chicken marsala and .... well, it was okay but not my favorite. Well, maybe I didn't like it at all because I only ate half the serving I put on my plate. A couple weeks ago, I would have rummaged thru the cabinets looking for something else to eat and get into the freezer for ice cream without even thinking, but I'm making a concentrated effort for the next month and that means a daily effort not just random here and there. Looking back yesterday just seemed to be a struggle all the way around but I got through it and today is GOING to be a much better day.

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