Friday, August 26, 2011

Moving Along

Yesterday was pretty calm with no bumps in the road. I got on the scale and was down almost three pounds from a couple of days before. I'm back in the 180's ... I should be in the 170's or below but one day at a time. I have no one to blame but myself for my backslide and ignoring or even defying my weight plan. I have been drinking a lot of water. Well, really not a lot ... but a lot more than usual which could mean just a couple of glasses. But, I'm making a concentrated effort to at least keep a full glass of water on my desk at work and also to drink some in the evening. I know the larger than average loss in just a couple of days is probably mostly from water but that's okay it keeps me going at this point. And starting over, the beginning in very important.

The weather wasn't quite as muggy at noon and I needed to go out and pick up a few things so I decided to walk a couple more blocks and stop for a salad. I know salads can be dangerous by what's in them but I think it's still a little more healthier than something from a fast food joint. It's also a mental thing that I'm making a wiser choice and I want to KEEP making wiser choices.

Last night was 5k training night and Gary and I were off to the gym after I got home and sat for a little while. Our membership at the Community Center had expired and we were going to renew. It's $25/each for a senior membership for a year which I think is great. It's not the largest gym but they basically have all you need with treadmills, bikes, steppers, walking track, weights, etc. For some reason I wasn't too confident about my run. I was a little tired and could come up with several other excuses. I started off way too fast and thought ... great I've burned myself out and I'm not going make 5 minutes, let alone the 12 I was shooting for. I slowed it down some and before I knew it, I was at 7 and got to 10 and pushed myself to 12 minutes. I wasn't sure but I think my time was quicker, it should have been.

Gary spent all day at the dental school so we stopped at Egg Roll on the way home. I knew in the past this wasn't something that was going to mess up my program. I only ate half a portion and for some reason it tasted really good. Don't know if it was because we hadn't eaten there in awhile or the fact that I was pretty hungry or maybe from the run. Who knows ... I could have overeaten but I didn't.

Things weren't quite as hard as the days before but I wasn't focusing on it being hard, I was focusing on my success

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