Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My first full day of commitment for the next month is in the books. It was a good day but I found that I really had to put some effort into it. Something I hadn't done in a long time was to research what I was eating before I ate it. That happened just before I went out to lunch. I knew that I was headed to Subway. A few months ago they introduced their pulled pork sandwich. I'm a lover of BBQ and found theirs pretty good. I thought I'd better look up the calories vs. the turkey sandwich that I had gotten in the past. Pork 570 calories ... turkey 280. More than twice the calories and I'm sure even a lot more fat grams. There are four Subways in walking distance of where I work. I choose the one that was farthest away (about 5 blocks) to get in a little exercise. When I got there and placed my order, I tried something a little different, I got tomatoes on my TURKEY sandwich. I'm not a lover of whole tomatoes. I love spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, ketchup, tomato soup and all but a tomato that wasn't chopped up in itty bitty pieces wasn't for me. But I've learned that tastes do change and adding tomatoes to the sandwich would give it more volume so I tried it and it wasn't bad. I really enjoyed my lunch as they had outdoor seating and it was a beautiful day, just me and my kindle.

After work Gary and I headed to the gym. I had to get serious about my 5k training. I only have less than six weeks until the race at Disney. I did okay ... running straight for 10 minutes. Last Saturday I went for 7 minutes and my goal last night was to top it at 8 but I pushed myself and ended up with ten minutes. I also increased my distance to 1 1/2 miles at a quicker pace of running and walking. On Friday or Saturday, I will try to increase my distance and time running again. I'm feeling more confident now that I will be ready for the 5k on October 1

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