Thursday, January 6, 2011


While reading the replies when I posted the "SCRAP" award I received from Ann over at Ann is Living Large No More, Darla's comment made me stop and think. One of the facts I stated was that I was very shy but yet there I was in my profile picture obviously speaking in front of a group since I was behind a podium.

Well it took me 30 years to get there and it was mostly in front of my peers, so I was less nervous and maybe did not show my timidness as much. It was also at our annual Christmas luncheon (that I coordinate) and I knew everyone was there to have fun. I love throwing parties but would rather remain in the background. When I first started at the company back in 1978 and had to get in front of the staff (which was much smaller then) I fumbled not only with my words but even knocked over one of the charts as I was trying to explain the trends. The next year went a little better as did the third year. The year after that I wasn't asked to speak but just to prepare a handout. I think it was all just a challenge for me by my supervisor and I thank her for the opportunity.

So many time we're afraid of what we're capable of doing, so we either don't do it or we don't give it our all. I have a very good friend that is a football coach and while together one night, he was talking about one of his players and I said "mmm, sounds like he has some potential". Coach Bill says I hate that word. I can't remember if he went on to explain or maybe I didn't ask but maybe it's because potential means that we could be doing so much better but we're satisfied just to get by.

I could go on, but I think you get my drift and I don't have a lot of time to expand. All I can say is ... if you afraid just go out and do it and see what the outcome is. I bet it's better than what caused the fear that would have stopped you.


Ann (-51 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

1. You never know until you try.

2. Very few are good at [fill in the blnak] the first half dozen times they try it.

3. Rude is remembered far longer than ineptitude, and is far less forgiveable.


4. Better to look back at what we tried, than look back at the opportunities we missed, right?

Great post!

that TOPS lady said...

This reminds me of something I heard Joyce Meyer say today "God didn't part the waters of the sea until they were IN the water. Don't wait for your waters to part to start DOING what you are supposed to do. Just put your feet in the water and do it!" :D