Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Yesterday was pretty much like any other weekday or was it? I had an early morning appointment with the eye doctor. Pretty much everything was okay with the exception of the stigmatism so they are going to switch to a different kind of contact. I'll be glad to get out of the daileys. I struggled with my year prescription of them being hard to get in and then rolling in my eyes.

Then it was off to work. I brought my workout clothes because it was suppose to be my second day of c25k training. My daughter, Stephanie, is in Arizona, on business and her husband, Jim, had a evening meeting and asked if we could watch the kids. I knew I wouldn't be able to go to the gym in the evening so I was going to use the treadmill in my office gym on my lunchhour. I was determined, nothing was going to get in my way ... NO EXCUSES!

I was pumped and ready to do this. I turned on my IPOD and "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" was playing. Let's Hit It! My last session I found out I should have been switching up my speed when I jogged, so with correction in my program I started the warm-up walk at 3.7 and bumped it up to 4.5 when it was time to jog. I got thru the minute but just barely. The next round of jogging I edged down to 4 and struggled. I couldn't find the right combination. I pushed myself, I really did and twice I thought I can't do this but pushed through but I eventually caved and didn't finish the 20 minute alternation. I was really frustrated. I felt defeated. I immediately put something on facebook about it and heard from both my son and daughter. Erick is running his first marathon at Disney World this weekend and I know he'll rock it and Stephanie is also starting the C25k so the two people that I look at for advice gave me some but most importantly showed that they want me to succeed. This program is several weeks long but I have until October until the race that I'm wanting to run. So, even if the training takes twice as long or three, four or five times as long I'm going to continue to continue. I'll keep playing with the speed combinations.

I completed the day with my struggle in the back of my mind wanting a handful of nuts or a fudgie to ease the disappointment but I fought that too. I'm finding how strong I can become.


Debbie said...

Congrats on you for ignoring the fudgie.. Thank you so much for the award. I will be passing it on soon.

TinaM said...

You sound determined!
Sounds like nothing is going to stand in your way- I love it!
You have a great attitude and I know you will be able to do this. Can't wait to hear about it when you do!

NAN said...

You do sound determined! I bet this spring will find you buying some smaller sized clothes.