Friday, January 21, 2011

Pain Relief

I've just come from the doctor. I've been living on Advil all week because of the pain in my leg. I have not let it get me to the point where I have given up but it's taking its toll. I have continued my 5k training, as my leg seems to hurt less when I'm on the treadmill. Don't know if I'm focused on getting through the session and concentrating on that instead or what it is. The doctor is treating me with the same drug that he did when I had the shingles last year thinking the nerve is overstimulated again. I hope the medication works. All you want to do when you hurt (mentally or physically) is to feel better and for some reason stuffing my face comes to mind first but is not the answer. I'm pretty sure that's what happened last week and why I gained on Monday. I thought I had eaten okay but I think I may have overdone it on portion size or a few too many low-cal snacks just to get my mind off of other things. I need to find another option. I think I need some sort of hobby or something that will keep my hands busy. I've been playing some games on Facebook with friends. Maybe I need to find some more friends that will play with me.

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NAN said...

Aww too bad you don't feel good. I don't do Facebook and I'm not much for games- sorry! I never get bored though- too many books and magazines to read. I also have several DVD sets to watch LOL- all sedentary activities of course. I have been thinking about getting the shingles vaccination- I need to call my insurer because the health department charges $75 for it and I want to be sure I am reimbursed. PS can you look through cookbooks and find some healthy, good sounding recipes? I do that when I am hard core dieting.