Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being Scrappy

Ann over at Ann Livin Large No More presented me with this award on December 12. Things got really hectic around the holidays and I just kept putting off doing anything about it. It asks that you list 10 honest things about yourself and to pass it along. She waived the passing along but maybe I'll do that too.

1. I'm a coal miner's daughter

2. I was a surprise to my mom and dad. My four siblings were 18 months apart and 23 year later I was born. My mom was almost fifty and dad was 56.

3. I am very shy and insecure

4. I don't act my age

5. I tend to over analyze and hold on to things too long

6. I love new adventures especially when it comes to traveling

7. I have patience except when it comes to being patient with myself

8. I have a tendancy to start out "on fire" but whimp out in the end

9. While I have many people I call friends, I don't really have any close friends besides my family

10. I'm more positive now than I ever have been about reaching my goal this time.

Here's the people I passing the "Scrap" onto
http://justquiteating.blogspot.com Debbie at Weigh Down
http://whitneygettinghealthy.blogspot.com Whitney at Getting Health
http://justoneinch.blogspot.com/ Sorry I don't know your name
http://graciestoughjourney.blogspot.com Gracie at Gracie's Tough Journey


Anonymous said...

Nice to get to know you better. I'm surprised at #3 by seeing the picture on your blog of you up at a podium to speak. You don't look very shy there. Was that a tough thing to do?

I used to be exactly the same as you on #5, but I've gotten away from that with a little help from my hubby. I like these getting to know you posts.

NAN said...

Interesting! I would have never thought you were shy. My friends and family tell me I could talk to a rock LOL.

Tamzin said...

Awww!! Thank you so much for the award. This is Tamzin - from justoneinch.

I like your/Anns idea - 10 honest things. Well - I'm just going to have to do that.

Can't wait to read more of your blog. Great job on the C25K. :)

gracies tough journey said...

Thanks you so much for the award. But it was really tough being honest about one's self. But congrats on your weight loss. Gracie