Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have not posted for a few weeks. In that time, I have gained two pounds. Not a huge gain but it's still a step in the wrong direction. It was a pound this past Monday and a pound the Monday before. That trend needs to stop NOW. I wonder if it would have been less, if I had continued with my regular postings. That is why I am back. There is some accountability, as well as a daily reminder, that I DO have a goal and that is to lose weight.

On Friday, we are leaving for an 11 day trip. It is to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary. We will be in Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina. I am really looking forward to it and the de-stressing. Last week I was under a tremendous amount of pressure with the planning of our high school reunion this summer. I have let things get to me. I head the committee and we had our last meeting on March 25. We covered quite a bit of the detail during the meeting, including the plan to get the mailing out by the first of April. One of the ladies volunteered her house to do the collating and envelope stuffing with the help of a few, but I still had to get the mailing list together in a week's time. Gary and I spent last weekend tracking down classmates and re-inventing our mailing list since it was in the computer that was fried when lightning struck our house. Some of the stuff that we couldn't decide at the meeting had to be handled by email. There is a committee of 15 people and the normal response to my emails was "whatever everybody else says is fine with me". This was about information that was to go into the letter that didn't get confirmed, so without much feedback I did the best I could. I wanted it to be a joint effort but I felt that I was dominating because I had to suggest something. It shouldn't have been such a big deal and I kept telling myself that but have had a headache for almost a week and I know it's tension. The mailing went out yesterday and vacation sound so good.

At the TOPS meeting on Monday, we talked about our game plan and obstacles that sometime come up. One was what to do to avoid vacation gains. There was some good input and I hope to blog to keep me honest.

Another challenge I foresee is that Sunday is Easter. I have given up a few things for Lent and I'm hoping that I don't overindulge in those things just because I CAN, especially being on vacation too. If I know I will have to admit it here, maybe that will help.


I'm My Favorite said...

I'm glad to see you posting again. I always look forward to reading your posts. Have a wonderful anniversary trip.

I think you should read this post from a food blogger I read. She occasionally writes about her faith and this post really spoke to me. I've been putting what she talks about into practice and it has helped me so much. I think it would help you with things like reunion planning. Let me know what you think.

mensa said...

I thought the article was pretty interesting. I'm a person of faith, so more than once I've done this, but at times I forget. Also my problem is being impatient. Maybe you should write a blog about that. I so look forward to your posts.