Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ups and Downs

Yesterday was a great day.  No, I didn't go to TOPS last night and end up with a loss.  But I got some of my vacation gain off and ended up gaining a lot less than when I stepped on the scales with a 7# gain the day after we got home.  In the olden days I may have come home with a gain and thought, well I've gained anyway, I'll just give it another shot AFTER I weigh in at TOPS.  But here lately I seem to find myself being an impatient person, so why wait.  That's why my gain was only 1 1/2# and not 10.  I'm eating what I want but in lesser amounts knowing that it's not my last meal and I can wait a few hours.  I don't find myself hungry, so if there is any void I need to find a way to fill it with something besides food.  I'm okay if I'm busy and yesterday was a great day because I kept a steady pace of being occupied.  Nothing out of the ordinary on the planner for this week, although it's appreciation week at work and there will be pizza and dessert this week but since I'm coordinating things that's not going to bother me.  It's like a mother that cooks all day for her family and just isn't all that hungry when it's time to eat when it's on the table. 


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