Thursday, March 15, 2012

Okay ?

Yesterday was an okay day. Maybe even considered a splurge day. I had lunch out and I did have some peanut butter crackers in the afternoon only because I was bored. I really need to bring in a stash for my desk instead of gazing into the vending machine or maybe just use a little willpower. Usually I don't feel a need to snack at work, so I forget about stocking a drawer with 100 calorie goodies or bringing some fruit in with me. We had dinner later than normal when Gary fixed a pork tenderloin and my points rounded out at the high end unlike the previous day.

Since the weather has been so nice the last few days (we set a record yesterday) I had mentioned when we left the gym on Tuesday night that I would like to take an evening stroll the next night. Because of a late dinner and a little laziness on my part that walk never materialized. I've been waiting and waiting for the weather to get nice so we could take some long walks on off-gym days and when I got my wish, I let it pass me by. A plan doesn't work until you put it in action. I think we're finally in the routine of going the gym three days a week, now I've just got to get in the habit of walking on the off days.

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