Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Don't Do as I Do ...

Yes, there's an expression that goes to the tune of don't do as I do, do as I say. I wanted to look it up to get it right and the first thing I see are sites on hypocrisy. Yes, I feel like a hypocrite when it comes to losing weight. I've got all these hopes and dreams and the talk is easy but when it comes down to setting an example or putting the words into action I am no role model.

At my last TOPS meeting before vacation we talked about pitfalls. I wanted to take the information with me and put it to action to avoid a gain when I returned. I said here in one of my last blog posts that I would start blogging on a daily basis to keep me walking the straight and narrow.

So what's the result. I didn't give it my best shot and I ended up with a huge vacation gain. I now feel that I wasn't totally sold on the premise that I could return without a gain and maybe subconsciously didn't buy into it totally. I gave myself permission to indulge but without specifics and ended up being out of control.

We had a wonderful trip and cutting my calories wouldn't have made it any less amazing but why is it I seem to retain that information when we're home but don't while we're gone.

The deed is done and I'm taking a post out of my daughter's blog by working on getting the gain off within two weeks. I now have a goal ... something I keep forgetting about in my daily moves. While I didn't take the opportunity to blog while we were gone, there is no excuse why I can't give myself an edge by doing that now. It's important and it does make a difference.

Today I feel that I've crossed over to a healthier realm and a more routine way of life without so many distractions. I'm documenting what I eat and my level of activity for the day in a notebook that I will always have at hand. That is my new start and something that has proved to work. We travel a lot, so I have to figure out how to be more responsible away from home. I'll have less than two weeks to come up with a plan before our next trip but I'm going to be optimistic. Right now it's just one day at a time.

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