Thursday, March 1, 2012

Smooth Skating ? ? ?

Last night we went to our grandchildren's school skating party. Before we got there, I kept having flashbacks of the times we took Stephanie and Erick to their skating parties and even attending my own when I was in grade school. I wondered if it would be as much fun as it was then and if I would skate around the rink with the breeze in my hair or end up sitting on the floor. I was surprised that after awhile I had my balance with the occasional wobble. I did end up on the floor a couple of times but it was due to avoiding some little ones falling in front of me. All in all it was a fun evening and I think a little bit of exercise too. I'm a little sore but I think it's from my bruises and not overworked muscles

I haven't been on the scales for over a week and am curious where I am. However, I'm totally fearful to get on them in the fragile mood I've been in this week. I'm thinking that if I stay off of them, even though I feel like I've gained, I'll be more vigilant to turn things around thinking that there's hope, rather than getting on the scales, seeing a gain and not knowing if I can reduce the number before weighing in on Monday. Also I guess there's a chance that just because I've felt bloated, bigger and blah all week maybe I haven't gained at all and if I weigh myself and see a loss, I'll loosen the reins and that can be dangerous if I'm away this weekend. Guess I just need to hold steady.

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