Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NEXT . . .

I weighed in on Monday and my prediction wasn't that far off. I had gained
4 3/4# since my absence for vacation. I don't know why I felt the need but I started looking back over some numbers and stats going back to my heaviest weight of 206 in November of 2009. Maybe I wanted to remind myself that I haven't been the victim of gaining it ALL back, although I did hate not being able to say that I lost 30# or even 25# like I once boasted proudly. Both of those sound like a truly great accomplishment but so does 23 1/4# .... that's what I'm down and I'm not ready to give it back. It's not that far off from 25 or 30 and I will attain that again and more.

The numbers can serve as whatever you want to make of them ... good results, slow progress, troubled months, I'm pushing all the negatives aside and starting the next chapter or next phase. I believe that this is only going to be a 2-act play and now that I'm back from intermission the real story will unfold along with a happily ever after ending.

In the last couple of days, I feel I'm already forming good habits of taking my lunch, drinking my water and eating good and healthy snacks. I also plan to hit the gym on a regular basis and last night I pushed through my mental block of not being able to complete three five-minute intervals of running. I knew all along it was something I could do and something I needed to prove to myself. Tomorrow is 2 eight-minute intervals. Sounds tough but doable. I'll also take a peak at the scales tomorrow morning and hope to be back in the '70's which will give me a boost and perhaps bring me back to that quarter century loss.


Debbie said...

You have done great and I also gained while I was on vacation. I have those same plates by the way.

NAN said...

Good for you and also, nice to see you back! I really am not focusing on any numbers but eating well and walking twice daily. Doctor said I was in good shape for my age and not doing any formal exercising. I am still planning menus and haven't eaten in a restaurant since September.