Monday, April 11, 2011

Call FEMA, There's Been a Diaster

I knew it had been awhile but didn't think it had been over a month since I last blogged. I thought a few times about starting it back up but just had no motivation to write. It was just like the lack of motivation I had to get serious about this weight loss journey I was on. I am only half way to my destination, but it seemed like I settled into a dark dreary ghost town and I didn't know or my attitude didn't care which way to move on out. It was like I was content to be where I was ... that was ... that was, until this morning when I got on the scale.

Since my last day of blogging, I have been on two trips. I got through the first one in pretty good shape and even exercised. The second trip which was just over two weeks ago came with a different ending, although the night of our first stop I did pay a visit to the hotel gym. However, I gave myself some whimpy excuse saying I can't do this, meaning I won't do this and set some sort of record for the shortest time on a treadmill. I didn't see a treadmill or any other type of exercise equipment until I returned home.

I had this false impression that with all the walking we were doing I was burning calories like a stoked fire .... trouble is that I was drowning out the flames with all the wrong choices or too much of a good thing I was eating. I had fallen back into that false prophecy that hey, I'm on vacation ... well, you know the rest and what the results of that kind of thinking will get you.

We returned from vacation a week ago yesterday but because it was my wedding anniversary last Monday, I didn't go to my weigh-in ... we went out to dinner instead and the feasting and celebrating and literally TOO MUCH breaking of bread continued.

Did I get on the scale when we got home .... no!! I guess I was afraid or maybe I thought I had another week and all that bloat and heaviness I seemed to be feeling would go away. I think it was last Wednesday when I decided to face the music and saw ... well, since I jumped back off quickly, I don't quite remember but I know it was well over a 5# gain. How can anyone gain that much in ten days. To make it worse, my husband informed me that he had lost 2 pounds and I knew I didn't eat as much as he did. It wasn't fair and I tried to push it off that it wasn't entirely my fault .... YEAH, RIGHT! If you believe that, there's a course on denial, available somewhere.

I settled into my routine and had a good eating day but the next morning got up and saw the scale only go down a pound. I guess the results weren't "good enough" and just like when you think you aren't good enough the mind starts this crummy dialogue and the results aren't pretty and the number on the scale this morning wasn't either.

Enough is enough. The damage is done. The lesson is learned .... obviously, the hard way .... AGAIN. Maybe, I need a different approach. There are different ways to teach a subject. A method to make you understand more clearly and actually "get it" this time. All I know staying at home and pretending your sick and not studying isn't going to advance your knowledge any. I've got to listen, I've got to take notes, I've got to study and most of all I've got to care.

I do care. I can clean up after this disaster. Maybe with the help of some friends, after facing the scale tonight, I can push through all the debris and start a new and better way to get back on the right road with a bright future.

I tried to come up with an acronym for FEMA that is in the title of this post but all I could come up with were words for the first two letters ... FRIENDS EVERYWHERE ... can you come up with the last two?


I'm My Favorite said...

Just because you messed up doesn't mean you have to start over from the beginning. You will fall down many times during your journey, but as long as you get back up you are winning. Start where you left off. Find the last blog posts that you wrote where you were losing and feeling good and start from there. Set some small goals and meet them and you'll get your confidence back. Switch it up a little. Try a different kind of exercise - I really think you'd love water aerobics. I've heard rummors that the Greenwood Community center will be doing Water Zumba this summer - I'll totally go with you. Try some new foods - pick up a fruit you've never tried before. Set a daily water goal. Come take Tanner for a walk :) Create a new contest for TOPS. You like new things, you like looking forward to things like planning your next vacation - sometimes you have just as much fun planning your trips as you do goin on them - it's because you're at it and you enjoy it - channel some of that into planning your next journey of you wellness goals.

mensa said...

Thanks, Stephanie. That helps a lot to hear it from someone else. I see a lot of truth in what you say and it gets me excited to put some of it into action.

Bernice said...

How about monitor evrything? Hahaha! I'm so glad your back you wil get your groove on!!!